King's Kitchen

King's Kitchen meets in Christ Church Parish Centre every Monday at 1:00pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

We provide a good hot meal and dessert for anyone in our community who is in need or who would appreciate the opportunity of spending time with others in a friendly environment.

We also have a bible reading, talk and prayers. King's Kitchen also gives us an opportunitiy to share our love of Jesus. ...

King's Kitchen exists to serve the Lord by serving those in need who attend each week.

There is a very real aknowledgement of the fact that all people are equal and have more than physical or mental needs.

Each person, whether visitor or team member, need to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

We work together to make this possible, not just by sharing food but, with God's help, by letting people know that Jesus is a reality in all our lives and that He wants to be a reality in their lives too.