COVID 19 Update

Back to church: we are delighted that we are able to have services in church again.

We will all be meeting at Christ Church only, at 11.00am each Sunday, but if we find that the number of people wishing and able to come is larger than expected we will recommence services at St Saviour’s as well.

We are still having to ensure that we can maintain social distancing, so the number of seats available is limited at the moment. We will be operating a ‘booking system’ which can be accessed online (please use the link: to book your seat), by email to the office, or by telephoning Dave or Margaret and asking them to complete the booking on your behalf.

Please note that although people who are classed as ‘vulnerable’ for health or age reasons should consider the risks which may be attached to attending a service there is no prohibition on their doing so – it is entirely a personal decision.

In order to comply with the guidelines for safe opening the following will apply:

  • We must observe high levels of hygiene before, after and throughout the service - all attending are requested to use hand sanitiser (available at the door)or wash their hand for minimum of 20 seconds prior to entering the church
  • We have to take individuals’ details (name, contact telephone number, etc.) each time they attend and retain the information for 21 days after the service. In the case of infection these would have to be passed on to track and trace.
  • Due to the new local restrictions you are required to wear a face covering when attending church.
  • As far as practicable we will observe a one-way flow for movement inside church.
  • We will maintain the 2m social distancing between each household bubble.
  • There will be no Sunday School, all children will need to sit with their parents and stay with their parents the whole time they are inside the church (no running around) and parents must accompany them to the bathroom should they need to go and ensure that hygiene standards are maintained.
  • There will be no singing.
  • There will be no refreshments or chatting after the service.

And of course, anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19, has been asked to self-isolate having had contact with someone who has tested positive, or is feeling unwell, should not attend.

Our New YouTube Channel

Our latest sermon will be available
on our YouTube Channel from
10:00am on Sunday morning

Please use the playlist if possible

Help in the time of Coronavirus.

The Covid-19 pandemic has touched so many areas of our lives. We've found our lifestyles change in numerous ways and it might have thrown up lots of questions and emotions.
We’re putting together a series of short videos to help with some of these issues.

1. Is it ok to feel afraid?
2. Dealing with Stress
3. Dealing with Loneliness

Other Useful Links

Bible App: this gives you tools to seek God’s heart daily;
Online Sunday services:
From Christ Church Fulwood
From Emmanuel (Loughborough)
From St Clements, Openshaw
From St Stephen's, Preston
Daily Prayer Sessions
From St Martin's, Stockport

Whilst we are unable to fully open for services on Sunday we will provide a link to the Church News which will also include a written copy of the sermon for the week. We will be open for Sunday Services at Christ Church from Sunday 2nd August 2020.
This weeks Church News is available to download here
We are a lively, Gospel-hearted, Bible-believing, conservative evangelical church.
Christ Church, Block Lane, Chadderton
St Saviour’s, Bishopgate Street, Chadderton.

There will be a Sunday Service at
Christ Church each Sunday at 11:00 am

There will be limited places so please pre-book

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We provide a hot meal for some of the less fortunate in our local community.
Our friendly group is run by members of Christ Church and St Saviour’s. Come and join us for coffee, chat and play.
Due to the covid 19 outbreak we are currently closed - we will re-open when it is considered to be safe for all concerned.

We are pleased to announce that Christ church will be open for prayer.

  • Monday 7:30 am
  • Thursday 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Prayer meeting 3rd Thursday of the month.
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Our current Sunday Sermons are available on our YouTube Channel
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Here you can find previous Sermons from our Sunday Evening Bible Talks Series from 2007 - 2019
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We are committed to Safeguarding Children, Young People, Victims/Perpetrators of Domestic Abuse and Vulnerable Adults. The PCC has adopted the Church of England’s policies and best practice on safeguarding which may be found on the Church of England’s website.
Our Safeguarding Officer is Anne Elliot and she can be contacted at church or by email using our Contact Form.

Our Safeguarding Policy is available to view here